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thief tattoos


Viva Hate

Ridiculous Customer Encounter: Number One (the be all and end all)

So, I work in a retail music store selling tangible media to the few nostalgic enthusiasts that refuse to accept the doomed fate of the music industry as it struggles to stay afloat in the abyss that is the interweb.

On rotation: Stone Roses, The Smiths, some Motown Collection, and The Beatles

Customer: (wearing a look of bewilderment on his face)

“So, who is this band playing with Morrissey?”

Me: (restraining all muscle reflexes)


Mass internal hate for society ensues

Here’s to you kid, and the bleak urban England of years long past…


2 Responses to Viva Hate

  1. Nicely put…
    Locate this poor excuse for a music fan.
    Parade him in the streets to proclaim such an offense and force him to hang out with purple skinny-jean wearing hipsters and listen to the Scarlett Johansson Tom Waits cover album. Or death.

  2. this summer I’ve been working with a girl (18) and she’ve never heard of Bob Dylan…
    not that I am a huge fan of his music, but…